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Podcasting continues to explode…it seems like everyone is podcasting now.

Everyone. Your grandma probably has one starting next week. “I have a podcast” is no longer a cool, attention-grabbing sentence. You built it, but there’s less of a guarantee that anyone will come every day.

Which means that you need to show those potential listeners why your podcast is the one they should subscribe to. The most important thing that will do that? Content.

Bad news; I don’t sell content…that’s on you.

The Secret “Leg Up” That Successful Podcasts Use To Hook Subscribers and Listeners

What I do sell is the ability to grab the attention of a listener within the first thirty seconds of the very first episode they download, driving home three points:

  • These folks are my flavor of awesome!
  • These folks are professional!
  • I have to hear what’s next!

Chances are good that some (if not most) of your favorite podcasts have one thing in common…professional intros, outros and commercials.

That’s what I sell.

I’m Dave Hughes, and I have over 34 years of professional broadcast experience, I’ve won over two dozen awards for producing broadcast audio; and you can use those decades of experience and talent to make your podcast grab a listener’s attention from the first five seconds…in a good way.

“Attention-getting” is good, but only if it’s done the correct way; most importantly…the intro and outro of your show should have the same “feel” as your show; “The Mandolins & Kittens Podcast” would sound ridiculous with an intro that featured a car-salesman type of delivery over death metal music.

On second thought, I might actually listen to that one.

And that’s the point; no one knows your audience like you do, which means the most important part of what I do is work with you to determine exactly who you’re trying to appeal to, along with how you’re trying to do it.

At the top of the page, you’ll find a link to the “Samples” page; this will give you an idea of what I can do for your podcast…and let you start the journey to “professional quality” now.

In fact, no sense in making you move your mouse to the top of the page; you’re a busy entertainer:

Here’s the link to the “Samples” page


I’ll see you there, and we’ll get started giving your show the shine it deserves.